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Note: Baby Bonus Online services will not be accessible on Sunday 2 Feb 2020 (12am to 8am) and Wednesday 5 Feb 2020 (6pm to 10pm) due to a scheduled maintenance. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

For information on your child’s enhanced preschool subsidies from Jan 2020, please refer to ECDA’s notification to you or click here to access ECDA’s Subsidy Calculator available on the Subsidy and Financial Assistance webpage. For further queries, please contact your child’s preschool.

Parenting resources For You

Learn more about Parenting

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Baby Bonus Parenting Resources is your go-to source of support for all your parenting matters. It is just a click away.


Cash Gift and Child Development Account (CDA)

Join Baby Bonus to get a cash gift and open a CDA – a special savings account which can be used for your child’s educational and healthcare expenses at Baby Bonus Approved Institutions.

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